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Every year World Ocean Day is celebrated on June 8 to remind public of the major role the oceans have in our daily lives.

The objective of celebrating this day is to unite citizens on a project that will help sustaining world’s ocean. So United Nations every year on this day try to educate people on issues related to the ocean.

This year, the theme for Oceans Day is gender equality, which in the view of UN is vital for sustaining the ongoing crises and to protect and preserve the health of oceans around the world. As per current estimates, the effects of pollution and climate change on the oceans have a disproportionate impact on women too. For too long, women have been unable to share equally in ocean-supplied benefits. Women represent half the work force engaged in the catching and harvesting of wild and farmed fish, yet are paid substantially less than men. Women are also often segregated into low-skilled and unrecognized labour, such as fish processing, and are denied a decision-making role. Similar treatment occurs in related sectors such as shipping, coastal tourism and marine. women occupy only around 27 percent of parliaments worldwide, and make up 38 percent of the scientific community studying oceans. From many historical examples, including Jane Goodall, Dr Eugene Clark and Dian Fossey, we know that women are both proven leaders and conservationists.

World Oceans Day is a special annual reminder by the United Nations of the key role that oceans play in our daily lives. The oceans don’t just make up over 70 percent of the living planet, they are also referred to as its “lungs”, for releasing almost two-thirds of all breathable oxygen in the atmosphere. Oceans and seas connect and sustain us. They are home to vast biodiversity and are a vital defence against the global climate emergency.

Some of the biggest modern threats to the oceans include pollution, overfishing, invasive species, and rising ocean acidity due to the widespread use of fossil fuels. Today the oceans are under unprecedented threat. In the past 150 years, about half of all living coral has been lost. In the past four decades, plastic pollution in oceans has increased tenfold. A third of fish stocks are now overexploited. Dead zones – underwater deserts where life cannot survive because of a lack of oxygen – are growing rapidly in extent and number.

World Oceans Day is marked by people around the world by honoring the ocean, which provides an opportunity to take personal and community action to conserve the ocean and its resources.

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