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World Food Prize awarded to Lawrence Haddad and David Nabaroo

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Lawrence Haddad, a food policy researcher along with Dr David Nabaroo have been named as the winners of the 2018 World Food Prize.
Lawrence Haddad and Dr David Nabaroo were recognized for their work in improving the nutrition of mothers and children from pregnancy to a child’s second birthday, which is considered as the most important time in a child’s growth. Their work has been credited in regards to helping and reducing the world’s number of children that were affected by malnourishment from 2012 to 2017.
The World Food Prize is the most prominent global award that was created by Nobel Peace Prize laureate Norman Borlaug in 1986. It recognizes important individuals and scientists that make breakthroughs in alleviating hunger and promoting global food security and this year, the prize money was $250,000 that will be divided equally between the two recipients.
It should be noted that there have been seven Indians who have won the award that includes Prof. M. S. Swaminathan (1987), Dr Modadugu Vijay Gupta (2005), Dr Sanjaya Rajaram (2014), Dr B. R. Barwale (1998), Dr Surinder K. Vasal (2000), Dr Gurdev Khush (1996), and Dr Verghese Kurien (1989).

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