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World Chess Day History, Meaning And How Is It Celebrated; Know More About This Day

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July 20 is celebrated as International Chess Day to honour the founding of the FIDE. Here’s taking a look at some World chess day history, meaning, etc.

Every year on July 20, International Chess Day is celebrated to honour the founding of the Federation Internationale des Echecs, also known as FIDES, in the year 1924. Since ancient times Chess has been a popular game and has been played around the world. ‘With the time Chess game and its rules are evolving. As per reports, Chess became a game of class and only upper class were able to afford this game in a long way. However, the merchandise class later went on to introduce this game to the rest of the people while travelling around the world. Here’s taking a look at some more details about World Chess Day.

World Chess Day history

In the fifth century, chess was invented in India. It was called “Chaturanga” at the time. Chess is one of the most ancient games of the period. This game was then spread to Persia. When the Arabs invaded Persia, Chess became an important part of the Muslim population’s life and from there it spread to Southern Europe. Chess evolved in its current form in Europe during the 15th century. And by the late 15th century, it took the shape of a modern game. And beginning on July 20, 1966, the International Chess Day began to celebrate FIDE’s establishment.


World Chess Day, celebrated around the world, is now also recognised by the United Nations. According to reports, UNESCO proposed the idea to celebrate this day as the International Chess Day, and it has been marked as such since 1966 after it was established by FIDE. However, plenty of professional chess players around the world already celebrate the day. A survey published on FIDE reveals that a surprisingly stable 70 per cent of the adult population has played chess at some point during their lives. In countries as diverse as the US, UK, Germany, Russia and India, this number holds approximately the same amount.

About Chess game

Two players go head to head in the chess game, each playing 16 pieces. Such pieces in each colour include eight pawns, two rooks, two knights, two bishops, one queen and one king. Their main aim is to catch the King of the enemy via a series of strategic moves.

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