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WHO classifies video game addiction as a mental disorder

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In a move, that would put, Gaming world and doctors in a surprise, the World Health Organization has classified ‘gaming disorder’ as a mental disorder.
The decision could cause a divide among doctors, who worry the “game-changing” move will cause even bigger problems down the road for our younger generation.
World Health Organization announced what started as a hobby has now turned into an addiction for some. It further said that its decision to classify it as a disease will alert more doctors of the problem that exists all over the world. The new disease classification won’t go into effect until 2022.
But many doctors disagree that this is the sort of thing that does have the potential to be very over diagnosed. They also mention that gaming disorder can be a bridge to more serious mental illnesses. Social isolation is a really strong indication of depression. The organization’s announcement will serve as a preview so doctors can begin training on how to best deal with gaming disorder.

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