US Senate Passes Sweeping Bill To Address China Tech Threat | Daily Current Affairs 2021

US Senate Passes Sweeping Bill To Address China Tech Threat

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US Senate

The U.S. Senate voted 68-32 on 8th June 2021 to approve a sweeping package of legislation intended to boost the country’s ability to compete with Chinese technology.

China responded to the vote by saying that it objected to being cast as an “imaginary” U.S. enemy.

The bill must pass the House of Representatives to be sent to the White House for Mr. Biden to sign into law.

Key Points:

  • This measure approved about $190 billion for provisions of strengthening technology and research in United States.
  • $54 billion was approved to increase US production & research into semiconductors & telecommunications equipment.
  • $2 billion were dedicated to chips used by automakers.

Provisions of the bill:

  • The Bill comprises a number of China-related provisions.
  • Prohibiting social media app TikTok from being downloaded on government devices.
  • Blocking purchase of drones manufactured and sold by companies backed by the Chinese government.
  • Allowing diplomats & the Taiwanese military to display their flag and wear their uniforms while in the United States on official businesses.
  • Creating broad new sanctions on Chinese entities engaged in U.S. cyberattacks or theft of U.S. intellectual property from U.S. firms.
  • Providing for review of export controls on items that could support human rights abuses.
  • The bill also seeks to counter Beijing’s growing global influence through diplomacy, by working with allies and increasing U.S. involvement in international organizations after Republican former President Donald Trump’s “America First” agenda.

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