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UNEA adopts two resolutions backed by India

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The United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA) adopted two resolutions piloted by India on addressing single-use plastic pollution and sustainable nitrogen management.

This is the first time an India-backed resolution has been adopted at UNEA. The fourth session being held in Nairobi, Kenya concluded. The resolution on addressing single-use plastic pollution urges member states to develop national or regional plans, identify environment-friendly alternatives, work with research organisations and the industry to develop such alternatives, improve waste management practices. The Prime Minister had said India would phase out single-use plastic by 2022 during his World Environment Day speech in 2018. An Environment Ministry official said, ‘This is the context for India to bring up the resolution and after tough negotiations, it was accepted. However, the member states did not want the resolution to say it would be ‘phased out’. So far, only 9% of the nine billion tonne plastics ever produced has been recycled. And, if the current trend continues, landfills will have 12 billion metric tonne plastic litter by 2050.

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