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Tokyo 2020 will employ facial recognition technology

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Tokyo 2020 will be the first Olympics to deploy facial recognition technology to increase security around all venues.
According to an official report, Olympics organizers are partnering with NEC, a Japanese telecommunications and information technology firm, to develop the first system of this kind to be implemented at the global sporting event. The technology was demonstrated for the media at an event this week in Tokyo and will use IC chips within identification cards to automatically verify the identity of those entering over 40 venues, according to the wire service. In order to facilitate the technology, more than 300,000 athletes and Games staff will need to submit photographs to a database before the Olympics start in July 2020.
NEC Red Rockets’ volleyball player Haruyo Shimamura demonstrates the face recognition system for Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Paralympics, which is developed by NEC corp, in Tokyo, Japan, August 7, 2018. The technology was reportedly tested during the Rio 2016 Olympics. “99.7 percent of the time, the face is recognized by the system correctly,” said NEC vice president Masaaki Suanuma

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