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Tokyo 2020 committee official launches Olympic mascots

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Japanese organisers have formally introduced their doe-eyed 2020 Olympic mascots Miraitowa and Someity to the world
Speaking at the event, organisers said, the blue-checked Olympic mascot was dubbed “Miraitowa” — combining the Japanese words for future and eternity. It expresses the hope for a bright future stretching off forever. Its Paralympic partner which sports pink checks is called “Someity” — borrowing from the word for a variety of Japan’s iconic cherry trees and the English expression “so mighty”. The characters are said to combine tradition and innovation. The pointy-eared mascots bestowed with “special powers” were unveiled in February this year after being chosen by schoolchildren from a shortlist of three across mascot-mad Japan.
Miraitowa has a “strong sense of justice and is very athletic,” according to Olympic officials, adding that it also possesses magical powers that enable it “to move anywhere instantaneously”.
Someity is said to be “usually calm” but “gets very powerful when needed

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