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Supreme Court moved against four ‘ambiguous’ questions in Prelims2017 exam

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Some 100 UPSC applicants moved the Supreme Court over ‘ambiguity’ in four questions in the civil service preliminary examination 2017.
Seven students, representing around 100 other applicants, filed a fresh writ petition in the apex court.
According to the petitioners, the questions reflecting ambiguity, are:
1) right to vote and to be elected as constitutional or legal right,
2) seawater receding at Chandipur (Odisha) and Bhavnagar (Gujrat),
3) Indus Valley Civilisation being aware of horses or not and
4) who can file nomination for LokSabha election.
The petitioners termed the four options put against the question to be dubious. “These four questions have more than one right answer according to textbook references, considered an acceptable method of evaluation by the UPSC examination board. The scale of confusion varies in eight questions, but we have shortlisted four with definitely more than one answer,” said Kabir Choudhary, the counsel representing students and petitioners in the Supreme Court.
“This shows abject apathy on the part of UPSC. Even if there’s one question wrong, why should students suffer,” Kabir argued?
Another petitioner, who was also an aspirant, stated that the issue of ambiguity in UPSC has repeated itself. “Last year’s translation mistake for an essay topic confused several candidates who interpreted the meaning of ‘engendered’ as ‘inclusive of all genders’ and wrote the essay mainly on importance of women and third genders in the development discourse,” he said

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