Sri Lanka bans burqa, other face veils after Easter blasts | Current Affairs, Current Affairs 2019

Sri Lanka bans burqa, other face veils after Easter blasts

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Srilanka has been on high alert after the terror blasts that ripped across thee three cities on the 21st of April in several churches and hotels which took atleast 253 lives and injured many. Over 10,000 military soldiers have been deployed throughout the country.

Bombings were executed by suicide bombers; and the National Thowheed Jamath as well as Jammiyathul Maillathu Ibrahim are suspected to have links with the blasts.

The decision to ban all face veils including the burqa was approved by the President Maithripala Sirisena. According to the reports,this decision was taken for the security of the island and to help the armed forces to identify any wanted perpetrators.

Before Srilanka 13 other countries like France, Belgium, Netherlands have banned burqa and/other face veils partially or fully. This was done for specific situations where its very essential for the identification of the people.

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