Scientists perform first ever 3D and colour x ray on human body | Daily Current Affairs 2021

Scientists perform first ever 3D and colour x ray on human body

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A team of scientists have performed the first ever 3D colour X-ray on humans, with the support of CERN physics lab.
Medical experts have suggested that the newly developed technique will help improve the medical field diagnosis. CERN’s physics lab helped with the imaging technology while Universities of Otago and Canterbury helped with developing the X-ray.
According to a report, the new device is based on the traditional black-and-white X-ray technology, which incorporates CERN’s particle-tracking technology. The new colour X-ray imaging technique is able to produce clearer and more accurate images which would help doctors in getting a more accurate diagnoses to the patients. The technology “dubbed Medipix”, works like a camera. While its shutter is open, it detects and counts individual sub-atomic particles as and when they collide with pixels. This, in turn, allows getting high-resolution and high-contrast pictures. According to reports, the difference between the bone, muscle and cartilage are very clearly seen in the images.

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