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Scientists discovers New Frog Species in Assam

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A team of scientists from Delhi University (DU) and Wildlife Institute of India (an autonomous institution under Union Ministry of Environment Forest and Climate change), in collaboration with researchers from the United States and Indonesia, have discovered a remarkably beautiful new frog species belonging to the microhylid genus Micryletta from the Northeast India, Assam.

The researchers have collected the frog species from a forest area in Cachar district.

The first known species of the genus Micryletta commonly known as ‘paddy frog’ was found in Sumatra, Indonesia. As of now there are only 4 recognised species in this group and with the newly discovered Micryletta becomes the fifth.

The scientific name of the frog has been given as Micryletta Aishani. Aishani is a word derived from Sanskrit word ‘aishani’ or aisani meaning Northeast.

The newly discovered Micryletta frog from Northeast India was confirmed as a new species after detailed comparison of both DNA and morphology with all previously known members across Southeast and East Asia.

The study also revealed that this kind of paddy frog might be found in Southeast regions such as Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam.

It is a reddish brown frog, it has prominent dark streaks and ash grey mottling on the lateral sides. The shape of snout (nose and mouth) is unique and web on its feet is absent.

Micryletta aishani is likely to be more widely distributed in Northeast India particularly Indo-Burma biodiversity hotspot region (that lies south of Brahmaputra River).It could be present in neighbouring regions of Bangladesh and Myanmar also.

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