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Rare life size stucco unearthed in Telangana

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A rare life size stucco was unearthed in Telangana.

According to sources, a life size stucco Bodhisattva created by craftsmen at Phanigiri was developed at the peak of Ikshavaku dynasty rule. The 1.74-metre statue was put on display at the state museum at Gunfoundry.

The official from archaelogy and Museums said, ‘The stucco was unearthed this statue on April 26, and in three days, we shifted it here for safe keeping. This is a stucco statue and lot of soil and earth has accreted to the figure. We were worried it would get damaged due to rain and hence, shifted it quickly’.

Researchers who were a part of the discovery suspect that the statue was built for the standing position but later collapsed facedown. They were also surprised during excavation as one piece after another was flipped over around 3 p.m. on April 26 at Phanigiri. Due to the condition of the stucco, the researchers are ensuring that the no further damage and are in touch with conservation experts to see how best we can protect it and later put it on display.

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