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Rajasthan Cabinet declared Camel as the State animal

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Rajasthan Cabinet declared Camel as the State animalRajasthan State Government  declared Camel as the State animal on  June 30 2014. This decision has been taken to check the diminishing number of camels in the State. 

Camel as an animal provide livelihood to numerous people of Rajasthan and is called as a ship of desert.  However, over the years these animals are slaughtered for its meat and are also illegally transported to neighbouring states.

According to the Livestock Census data, 668000 camels were recorded in 1997 which has gone down to 498000 in 2003.   In the next five year census data, the population went down by 13.5 percent to 430426.

Thus, besides declaring Camel as the State Animal, the State government is also in a process to draft a new law that bans slaughter, illegal trade and transportation of camels.

The step includes camel milk in its food security programme and fast disappearing grazing areas leading to severe food crisis for camels.

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