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Post us in same state as our spouse: IAS cadres

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Post us in same state  as our spouse: IAS cadresThey met, fell in love and got married. But they could not live together as the government is standing between them.

Yes, nearly a dozen Indian IAS officers who had married their batchmates they met during their training at the Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administrators have petitioned the government to move them to the same state as their spouse.

Each IAS, IPS and forest service officer is allocated to a state where he or she spends the rest of the career. The Department of Personnel and Training said seven male and six lady IAS officers belonging to 2010-14 batches had sought a cadre change on grounds of marriage.

IAS officer Medha Roopam who was allocated the union territory cadre wants to be shifted to Uttar Pradesh where her batchmate Manish Bansal will spend his career.

Officials said most of them would be accommodated, but a handful could still get left out.

Some states like Chhattisgarh that face an acute shortage of IAS officers usually refuses to let a young officer go to another state. So when Riju Bafna asked for a change of cadre from Chhattisgarh to Madhya Pradesh, the state allocated to her husband Avi Prasad, she was told she wouldn’t be transferred but Prasad could be accommodated if he moved from Bhopal to Raipur.

“There have been instances where the two states have refused to let go of their officers for years,” a government official said. The Centre is toying with the idea of giving itself some powers to intervene only in cases where one of the two officers is disabled.

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