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Pakistan could emerge 5th largest nuclear power

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Pakistan currently has around 140 to 150 nuclear warheads and the stockpile is expected to increase to 220 to 250 by next decade, according to a latest report by authors keeping a track of the country’s nukes.

Hans M Kristensen, Robert S Norris and Julia Diamond said in the report ‘Pakistani nuclear forces 2018’ said, the current estimate of 140 to 150 nuclear weapons exceeds the projection made by the US Defense Intelligence Agency in 1999 that Pakistan would have 60 to 80 warheads by 2020.
Pakistan continues to expand its nuclear arsenal with more warheads, more delivery systems and a growing fissile materials production industry.
“We estimate that the country’s stockpile could more realistically grow to 220 to 250 warheads by 2025, if the current trend continues. If that happens, it would make Pakistan the world’s fifth-largest nuclear weapon state,”.
Kristensen, the lead author, is the director of the Nuclear Information Project with the Federation of American Scientists (FAS) in Washington, DC.
Over the past decade, the US assessment of nuclear weapons security in Pakistan appears to have changed considerably from confidence to concern, particularly as a result of the introduction of tactical nuclear weapons, the report said.
“With several delivery systems in development, four plutonium production reactors, and its uranium enrichment facilities expanding, however, Pakistan has a stockpile that will likely increase further over the next 10 years,” says the report.

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  1. Why the world is competing for building destructive elements rather than other socio- economic development and the welfare of their own people. Pakistan must better focus on its economic development and safety of their own citizens.


    Looking over the issuse the international community and more over greatest ally of Pakistan, The United States should take this matter more seriously as it not only a threat to India or to the south aisa region but more threat to the world peace. If this only continues then there will be drastic change in the policies of India and also in the region. Pakistan should first of all deal with its internal problem and then look over nuclear program, though they should make use of the nuclear technology for peaceful purposes and not weaponization. As democracy in pakistan is not by the people and for the people but by the military and for the military and the Fundamentalists, we can also called it as Militrocracy instead of Democracy in case of pakistan. It can only change when Pakistan will consider its very Neighbours as mutual partners in development.

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