New plant species named after former President Abdul Kalam | Daily Current Affairs 2021

New plant species named after former President Abdul Kalam

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Scientists have identified a new plant species from two protected National Parks in West Bengal. The plant species named Drypetes kalamii, is a small shrub found to be shorter version of its close relative Drypetes ellisii.
The plant was found by Botanical Survey of India Standing is 1 metre tall, the newly described plant is unisexual in nature, which means they have separate male and female plants.
The researchers compared the new plant with other Drypetes species and found differences in the leaf, flower and fruit structures. There are about 220 species of Drypetes identified across the globe of which 20 have been reported from India.
The new species is found in wet, shaded areas of subtropical moist semi-evergreen forests, at a height ranging 50-100 metres. With pale yellow flowers in clusters and bright orange to red fruits, the plant is exclusive to the two national parks.

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