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Need to evolve mechanisms to resolve disputes at sea: Parrikar

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Need to evolve mechanisms to resolve disputes at sea: ParrikarNew ways and better mechanism need to be evolved to resolve peacefully the disputes related to the seas, Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar said.

“In the changing economic situation, the scenario of finding more and more resources in deep seas is changing. Original laws and treaties may not be of much use… we need to find ways to resolve disputes more peacefully,” Parrikar said in his keynote address at the International Maritime Conference here.

“…more land will go under water and better mechanism is (thus) needed to resolve conflicts,” Parrikar said while pointing out that importance of oceans will increase in future as land availability will shrink due to rise in water levels due to global warming.

“Oceans have always directly or indirectly influenced events on land. At present too, besides power projection, oceans are increasingly being looked upon as resource provider,” he said.

The conference is being held on the sidelines of the International Fleet Review that has seen the participation of 50 navies from across the world.

The minister also pointed out to the growing security challenges at sea.

“Our strategic environment continues to pose wide challenges… blurring of lines between traditional and non-traditional threats remains a concern,” he said, adding that the conference should deliberate on all these issues.

The conference saw deliberations by Indian and international speakers and representatives of global navies over its theme ‘Partnering Together for a Secure Maritime Future’.

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