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Naftali Bennett was sworn in as the new Prime Minister of Israel

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Naftali Bennett

The 49-year-old leader of the right-wing Yamina party, Naftali Bennett has become the new Prime Minister of Israel.


  • The Israeli parliament Knesset elected him as the 13th Prime Minister by a 60-59 vote in the 120-member house.
  • The Knesset voted on the new coalition government led by Mr. Bennett. His government has 27 ministers, nine of them women.
  • Mr Bennett will be prime minister until September 2023 as part of a power-sharing deal. He will then hand power over to Yair Lapid for a further two years.
  • With this win, he has ended 12 unbroken years of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the helm.


  • An eight-party alliance, ranging from the right-wing Jewish Nationalist Yamina party to Arab lawmakers, was formed early this month by centrist politician Yair Lapid centrist and ultra-nationalist Bennett.

About Naftali Bennett:

  • He is son of American-born parents who speaks perfect English.
  • He is a religious Jew who began life with his parents in Haifa.
  • He kept moving between North America and Israel for military service, law school and private sector.
  • He is an ultra-nationalist and & hard-right leader.
  • He served in elite Sayeret Matkal commando unit after which he went to law school at Hebrew University.
  • He co-founded an anti-fraud software company called Cyota in 1999. 
  • Cyota was sold to U.S.-based RSA Security in 2005.
  • He is a religious-nationalist and a multi-millionaire former tech entrepreneur who has also served as defence minister. 
  • He was driven int politics because of a bitter experience of Israel’s 2006 war against Lebanese militant group Hezbollah.

India and Israel Ties:

  • India and Israel share a strong bilateral tie since 1950 with Indian PM Jawaharlal Nehru reiterating his position to recognise Israel as a state.
  • India’s relationship with Israel has also grown during Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s administration even though India abstaining from voting against Israel in United Nations on several resolutions.
  • It is expected to grow with same pace in new regime as well.
  • Currently, India is the largest buyer of Israeli military equipment while Israel is second-largest defence supplier to India after Russia.
  • India is the third-largest Asian trade partner and tenth-largest trade partner overall of Israel.

About Israel:

  • Israel formally known as the State of Israel is a country in Western Asia.
  • It is located on the southeastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea and the northern shore of the Red Sea.
  • It is regarded as the biblical Holy Land by Jews, Muslims and christians.
  • Its most sacred sites are in Jerusalem which is also the Capital of Israel.
  • The currency used here is Israeli Shekel.
  • The current President and Prime Minister of Israel are Isaac Herzog Prime Minister and Naftali Bennett respectively.

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