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More green energy should power India: Modi

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Bengaluru: Green energy like solar power would power India as 175 gigawatt (GW) of electricity is expected to be generated from renewable sources, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said here on Sunday.
“By 2022, when India will be celebrating 75 years of independence, 175 GW of renewable energy will be generated. The government is working towards meeting 40 per cent of the country’s energy needs from renewable sources like solar and wind by 2030,” said Modi at a public function in the Palace Grounds here.
He was addressing several thousands of people at the grounds, who had gathered for a mass recital of SoundaryaLahari, a set of shlokas (verses) composed by eighth-century Indian philosopher Adi Shankaracharya.
Modi said over Rs 11,000 crore were spent by the current Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government in the renewable energy sector in the past three years, against a mere Rs 4,000 crore by the Congress-led UPA.
India is capable of generating a total 750 GW of energy if it puts all of its resources to work, Modi said, adding: “We need to work towards that.”
He said people could save hugely through over 27 crores LED bulbs distributed to households across the country as part of the Ujala scheme.
“LED bulbs earlier cost Rs 350 and through Ujala scheme, they cost just Rs 40-45. Around Rs, 7,000 crores were saved in the country by this price cut. These bulbs also helped in cutting down the electricity bills for the households. With just a different approach, we could make a huge difference,” he said.
Asserting that the future is not of diesel and petrol, Prime Minister said startups should look at innovations that help the country’s population.
Through Ujjwala scheme, over three LPG connections have been distributed to the poor in the country, he said. “This has contributed to a positive difference in the lives of the rural women, but also to gave way to a cleaner environment.”

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