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Middlemen, lobbyists are now history: Modi

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Prime Minister Modi kicks off party rally in Mathura to mark the first anniversary of NDA rule in Delhi.

Prime Minister Modi kicks off party rally in Mathura to mark the first anniversary of NDA rule in Delhi.

Slamming the opposition for their criticism of the government, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Modi said if his BJP regime has not come to power, then the country would have become a haven for corruption.

Speaking at a rally in Mathura on Monday to mark the first anniversary of the NDA rule, Modi said the government had rooted out the traditional power structures and cliques in the power corridors.

“A lot of vested interests are being affected as there is no place for middlemen and lobbyists in Delhi now unlike in the past,’ he said at a Jan Kalyan rally on the eve of the first anniversary of NDA government at the Centre.

Recalling that the UPA regime was one of scams and run by remote control, he said “bad days” have come to those who cannot digest the change in environment at the power corridors over the past one year.

Modi invoked the teachings of Lord Krishna and Pandit Upadhyaya at the Mathura rally. “While Krishna taught us to do our Karma, the message of Upadhyaya is to keep working and walking and this is what I am doing,” he pointed out.

He recalled the people had brought about a change in governance by voting the BJP to power at the Centre and the accomplishments of the NDA regime in the past one year can be understood if it was compared with the work of the previous government. “It is difficult for me to explain how every moment was dedicated to new decisions or attempt to change things,” he said.

Further, he said as the main custodian of public money, he won’t allow the loot of public money as it happened in the UPA government.

Ultimately the poor will be empowered to become his “soldiers in the fight against poverty,” he said.  Modi took credit for taming inflation and said in the last one year foreign investment had gone up eight times.

The choice of Mathura in UP for a rally to flag off the NDA celebration was made with an eye on assembly elections here in 2017. The BJP leaders who spoke before Modi arrived criticised the Akhilesh Yadav government for poor law and order  and the sought their whole-hearted support for the party.

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