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Maharana Pratap Jayanti observed on June 6

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Maharana Pratap Jayanti is observed on June 6 celebrating one of the strongest Rajput warriors. The year 2019 marks 479th birth anniversary of great warrior.

Maharana Pratap was the ruler of Mewar, he was the 13th Rajput king of Mewar a province in modern-day Rajasthan, which includes Bhilwara, Chittorgarh, Rajsamand, Udaipur, Pirawa (Jhalawar), Neemuch and Mandsaur in Madhya Pradesh, and some parts of Gujarat.

He was the eldest son of Maharana Udai Singh and Maharani Jaiwanta Bai. He became ruler of Mewar in 1572, after death of Udai Singh.

Maharana Pratap is a symbol of Rajput valour, gallantry and diligence. He fought against Mughal supremacy to free his homeland from their control.

Maharana Pratap was one of the strongest warriors in India. He used to carry 360 kg of weight, which included a spear weighing 80 kg, two swords weighing 208 kg and his armor was around 72 kg heavy. His own weight was more than 110 kg.

He owned Chetak, the horse who lost his life while jumping across a 21-feet wide river to save his master’s life and Ramprasad, the elephant who killed two war elephants of the Mughal army. When Akbar imprisoned Ramprasad, he didn’t eat anything or drink, losing his life on the 18th day. Both were known for the loyalty to their master.

After the siege of Chittorgarh by Mughals in 1568 Mughal emperor Akbar turned to Mewar which was still under control of Rana. While all other Rajput rulers surrendered to Akbar and became vassal or part of his council, Rana denied all six diplomatic missions sent to him by Akbar brcause of which war became inevitable.

The famous Battle of Haldighati was fought between Maharana Pratap and Akbar’s forces led by Man Singh I of Amer on 18 June 1576. Although the battle was won by Mughals but neither Maharana or any of his close family members were captured by the Mughal thus rendering their victory fruitless.

He died on January 19, 1597 due to injuries from hunting accident while tightening the string of a bow with an arrow.

He was succeeded by his eldest son, Amar Singh I.

Commemorating this day, Udaipur’s Mewari Runners observed a long run today which began at 5 a.m. at Fatehsagar pal. This included an 11 km half marathon as well. The run was organised in collaboration with Tempsens Instruments

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