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Lok Sabha passes three bills aimed at improving working condition of workers

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Lok Sabha passed three bills today aimed at improving the working condition of workers and protecting their interests at places of work. These bills were introduced in the Lok Sabha on 19th of this month.

The Occupational Safety, Health And Working Conditions Code, 2020, seeks to amend the laws regulating the occupational safety, health and working conditions of the persons employed in an establishment.

The second bill, Industrial Relations Code, 2020, aims at amending the laws relating to Trade Unions, conditions of employment in industrial establishment or undertaking, investigation and settlement of industrial disputes.

The third bill, namely, The Code On Social Security, 2020 seeks to amend the laws relating to social security of the employees in the country.

Union Labour and Employment Minister Santosh Kumar Gangwar while speaking about the bill in the lower house said that the labour Codes have been brought with a view to balance the interests, rights and obligations of employees and the employers in the country.

He stressed that these Labour codes will prove to be a Game-Changer milestone in ensuring the welfare of labours in the country.

Referring to several provisions made for the first time in 73 years, he informed that these include the right of letter appointment which will encourage formal employment.

He also said the definition of migrant labour has been expanded to also include those who move to other states for work without routing through the contractors.

This will help them secure entitlement of and better targeting of welfare schemes in the country.

Mr. Gangwar informed that a mechanism has been proposed for re-skilling of those workers who are removed from the work.

He asserted that one of the most important provisions include bringing unorganised sector workers, GIG and Platform workers within the social security net.

The minister added that recognising the importance of the Trade Unions, a tri-stage process of conciliation has been proposed at Enterprise level, State level, and the National level for speedier resolutions of labour issues.

The Minister emphasised that the changes in the labour Codes have been envisaged by duly recognising the changes in the global scenario and for meeting future work requirements.

The minister informed that 177 changes proposed by the standing committee on earlier versions of the bills have been incorporated in the new legislation.

He also informed that views of various stakeholders were taken and amalgamated while framing the three labour codes. BJD, TDP, JDU, AIADMK and YSRCP leaders supported the bill.

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