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India’s progress will help Asia realise its dream: Modi

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Narendra Modi calls for Asian unity at a global summit

Narendra Modi calls for Asian unity at a global summit

Pitching in for a strong unity among Asian countries, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said they must work together to reshape the world by reforming the global institutions of governance like the United Nations.

Addressing the VI Asia Leadership Conference in Seoul, Modi urged Asian countries not to think as ‘regional fragments’ for the Asian continent to rise as a global power bloc.

While rivalries between countries will hold the continent back, efforts to share common heritage and youthful energy to pursue common goals would lead to Asia emerging as a powerful force, he said.

A united Asia will shape the world and India wanted countries to share prosperity, Modi said.

The PM stressed on the Asian countries to unite together to reform institutions like the UN and its Security Council by stating that the re-emergence of Asia will be greatest phenomenon of this century.

Further, he noted that India’s progress will be Asia’s success story and will make Asian dream a reality soon.

“The future I dream for India is the future I seek for our neighbours. Our growth must be more inclusive within and across nations,” said Modi who arrived in Seoul on his last-leg of the three-nation tour that took him to China and Mongolia.

He pointed out India would assume responsibility to build an inter-connected Asia. As some of the countries in Asia become more prosperous they must be prepared to share their resources and markets with those who need them, he said.

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