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Indian entrepreneurs launch new social app

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aashiquiIndian entrepreneurs Gurnam Sunny and Inderdeep Bassi have come up with a social networking app which they claim has a lot of semblance to Facebook.

The app called Aashiqui allows users to set a background “cover” image for their profiles and choose two profile photos.

The posts (users and their group of friends) made via the app including status updates, photos, check-ins and the music they are currently listening to are seen in a straightforward, reverse-chronological timeline.

Also, there is an option which lets users update their statuses in two different ways: Users can either update a status the traditional way, or they can use a photo from Aashiqui’s gallery.

Gurnam Sunny, CEO of Aashiqui, said: “It was my dream to make social networking more interesting and unique. Through Aashiqui App you can do everything you do on Facebook but we have managed to add several unique features.”

The hashtag feature is also available and clicking on hashtags will take the user to feeds of public posts that contain the same hashtag.

There is also an instant messenger option for group chats. The app can be downloaded from Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

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