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India pushes African right to permanent UNSC seat

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In a move that would solve the long stalled reforms in UNSC, India has pressed the Africa’s right to representation among the ranks of the permanent members of the UN Security Council.

Joint Secretary in the External Affairs Ministry Sanjay Rana said, ‘We must take action so that Africa is given a central and leading role in an internationally formed new order especially in a reformed and expanded Security Council and so that the Council reflects the world of today and not of 1945.’

It should be noted that India is stressing on Africa’s right to permanent membership in the UNSC to break the decades-long blockade of the reform process by a small group of countries. The group led by Italy and which includes Pakistan will be made to directly confront African nations, who have demanded two permanent seats on a reformed Council and point to the historic injustices done to the continent.

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