India clinch Historic Gold in Women’s Lawn Bowl at Commonwealth Games 2022

India clinch Historic Gold in Women’s Lawn Bowl at Commonwealth Games 2022

CWG 2022-Lawn Bowls: The Indian Lawn Bowls team has scripted history by clinching gold in the women's fours final at Birmingham Commonwealth Games 2022 on August 2, 2022.

Key Highlights:

  • This is India's first medal in the sport.
  • The Indian lawn bowls team - Lovely Choubey, Pinki Chaudhary, Nayanmoni Saikia and Rupa Rani Tirkey defeated South Africa by 17-10 in the final of the women's fours event after 15 ends.
  • They have become the first Indian athletes in CWG history to win a gold medal in the sport.

About Lawn Bowls Game:

  • Lawn bowls, also known as lawn bowling, is an outdoor sport.
  • It is a mix of ten-pin bowling and curling winter sport.
  • It is one of the oldest sports at the quadrennial Commonwealth Games competition.
  • It has been a Commonwealth Games sport since the inaugural edition of the event's precursor, the 1930 British Empire Games.
  • It consists of a ball (known as a bowl) that is rolled toward a smaller stationary ball, called a 'jack'.
  • The bowls are also called 'woods' as they were originally made of wood, but are now made with composite plastic as it helps the bowls last longer.
  • Also, lawn bowls are not perfectly round as their one side will be slightly bigger than the other, this is known as the 'bias'. 
  • The sport is generally played on a flat lawn, about 40–42 yards (37–38 metres).
  • The main objective in lawn bowl is to roll one's bowl in such a manner that it comes to rest near to a smaller ball, which is known as jack or 'kitty'.
  • The bowls needed to be rolled on the floor from a distance.

How is lawn bowl played?

  • The lawn bowl is a team sport that begins with a coin toss.
  • The toss winner takes the first turn while the other team rolls the small ball called the 'jack ‘towards the opposite end.
  • The jack needs to travel at least 23m.
  • The distance between the jack and starting point is decided with this roll at the start of the match.
  • The two competitors will take turns bowling, trying to get their lawn bowl closer to the jack than any of their opponents.
  • Points will be awarded for each bowl that reaches closest to the jack.

What are the different formats of lawn bowls?

  • Lawn Bowls has four formats – singles, pairs, triples and fours.
  • All the formats are named after the number of people in each team.

Rules of lawn bowls:

  • A lawn Bowler has to roll their bowls from one end to the other with the aim of hitting or getting closest to the jack.
  • In Lawn Bowl fours, each team will get 8 throws or rolls from one end to another.
  • One end means completion of 1 round.
  • The team with maximum number of points after 15 ends wins.

India’s previous record in Lawn bowls at CWG:

  • India lawn bowls teams took part in 2010, 2014, and 2018 editions of the Commonwealth Games before the 2022 event.
  • India has managed to reach the semi-finals just twice and has finished fourth on other occasions.

The Indian Lawn Bowls team defeated which country's team to clinch gold medal in Birmingham Commonwealth Games 2022?
B) South Africa
C) Canada
D) Australia