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India 12th worst for newborn among low income countries

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A new study by UNICEF has revealed that nearly 600,000 newborn die within 28 days of their birth in India every year.
The study also revealed that a quarter of global neonatal deaths take place in India each year, also showed that the country has remarkably reduced the under-five mortality rate. The first 28 days of life – the neonatal period – are the most vulnerable time for a child’s survival. And children face the highest risk of dying in their first month of life, at a global rate of 19 deaths per 1,000 live births.
According to the report, India’s neonatal mortality rate (deaths per 1,000 live births) is 25.4 and is ranked at number 12 among 52 “low middle-income countries” in terms of risk for newborns. India’s ranking, though, is better than that of Pakistan’s, the country with the worst newborn mortality rate.
The report covered 184 countries and India has been ranked 31, keeping the world’s seventh largest economy below 153 countries who have better survival rates for their newborns. A year earlier, India was the 28th worst country among 184 nations in terms of neonatal mortality.

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