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Important Tips for UPSC exams

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While every aspirant who aspires to become an IAS (Indian Administration Services), an IPS (Indian Police Services) or an IRS (Indian Revenue Services) has to go through the civil services exam which is conducted by the Union Public Service Commission Board also known as UPSC. Every individual has to go through one of the most grueling and tough courses which need to be learned and revised to score good marks in the exam. While the course and the exam are tough, it is important to make a plan and strategy for yourself to study smart and be successful in the UPSC exam.

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Once you are satisfied with the answers, you can check out these important tips for your exam preparation of UPSC that will help you in qualifying them:

Tip #1: Polish your basic concepts

There is a famous saying by Abraham Lincoln that “ If I was given an axe to cut down the tree in 5 hours, I would spend my first 3 hours to sharpen the axe” which means that in order to clear any exam it is crucial that your basic concepts are very strong. Hence, first focus on the basic concepts of the topics of exams this will ensure that you score well.

Tip #2: Keep yourself updated

It is important to know what is happening in the country and globally all the important news and information must be known as current affairs exam may seem simple but it can be a daunting task to study it in a given timeslot as the knowledge required is an ever-growing activity if you keep yourself up to date on a daily basis you will not need any additional timeslot for it. The time can be better utilized to polish your weak subjects instead.

Tip #3: Don’t Panic and be confident

This tip may sound a bit funny as it is a usual saying everyone will say to you every time, but in actual it is human nature to panic. The important thing is to keep yourself calm and keep yourself away from negative thoughts or environment. You may be wondering if your English is weak you may never crack the civil services exam, but you can think of it positively as well that you know your weakness and you can work on it to overcome it. No doubt, hard work is required for it, but it will be worthwhile for you to do it as you know what the end result of your hard work will be.

Tip #4: Read Newspapers

This tip is also in addition to the point we have made in tip 3 if your English is weak you should start reading English newspapers this way you can keep yourself updated on the national and international news while practising your English at the same time.

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