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IIT Guwahati team develops Smart Window Material

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Smart Window Material

Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati (IIT Guwahati) researchers have recently developed smart window materials for automatic climate control of buildings.

Key Points:

  • Such smart window materials would help in Climate control.
  • The smart window material has been developed by Dr. Debabrata Sikdar, Assistant Professor in Electronics and Electrical Engineering department at IIT Guwahati along with his research scholar Ashish Kumar Chowdhary.
  • According to the researchers, the smart window material designed by them can effectively control the amount of heat and light passing through it in response to an applied voltage and would ultimately help in developing efficient automatic climate control.
  • The results of their study have recently been published in the journal, Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells.
  • The reason for developing this window was that there has been increased attention to sustainable architectural designs for better light and heat management in buildings in recent years, and deploying smart windows is the first step for such structures.

About Smart Windows:

  • The design of smart windows is suitable for all-weather conditions.
  • Smart window glasses have been designed using noble metals which can dynamically control the solar radiations.
  • They are inexpensive as they make use of materials like copper and indium tin oxide.
  • It can maintain the ambient indoor temperature and lighting in buildings or vehicles.

How is it different than conventional windows?

  • Conventional window designs are static. They are designed for specific climatic conditions whereas the newly developed window can dynamically adjust the amount of light and heat radiation entering through it which in turn helps in conserving the energy of the building.

About IIT Guwahati:

  • Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Guwahati established in 1994 has completed 25 years of glorious existence in 2019.
  • At present, the Institute has eleven departments, five inter-disciplinary academic centers, and four schools covering all the major engineering, science, and humanities disciplines, offering BTech, BDes, MA, MDes, MTech, MSc, and Ph.D. programmes.

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