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Gurgaon gets tangy flavours of Portuguese cuisine

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gurgaonFamous for serving Portuguese cuisine and offering a bewitching ambiance that connects with its vibrant consumer base, Barcelos launched its third restaurant in the national capital here.

There is a live kitchen concept makes the whole environment of the restaurant quite intriguing.

“We at Barcelos offer our customers delicious food and great ambiance because it’s not just the food that they look forward to but the overall experience,” business head of Barcelos India Rohit Malhotra told IANS.

The menu at Barcelos acquaints you with the authentic peri peri food, which is not too freely available in India.

The Portuguese are known to have brought a whole lot of new vegetables to Indian farms and kitchens.

According to Malhotra, “there are a lot of similarities between Indian and Portuguese cuisine”.

“The Portuguese brought potatoes, tomatoes, pineapples, guavas and of course, capsicum and red chillies to India,” Malhotra said.

Thus, marinated in a flavourfull soy-sauce mixture, grilled to perfection, and served over lemony couscous salad and Mediterranean grilled mushroom skewers was the perfect dish to start your food viagem or safari.

You can pick from four sauces – tangy lemon, mild peri, veri peri and supa peri as per the heat you want in your food.

For a mouth tingling sensation, you can’t beat Barcelos’ peri peri drumsticks doused in a mild sauce that is a delight to peck at.

The recently introduced innovative mini wraps available in four different colours – white, red, green and yellow – are absolutely palatable to feast upon and remain a prominent dish alongside the outstanding coloured burgers.

Other than the cuisine, two features that distinguish Barcelos from other eateries in are its Sangria bar – that serves 21 varieties of wine cocktail – and the focus on serving healthy food without using fattening oils.

“It is the healthiest cuisine that doesn’t use fattening oils. All the recipes include steaming or grilling,” Malhotra said about the distinct feature of the cuisine.

“Barcelos is the most suitable place for gym junkies in the area as it offers hearty yet healthy food to take in,” he added.

Loaded with vegetables, marinated in peri peri sauce, a delicious bowl of chicken Trinchado is the best main course dish.

This new Barcelos is perhaps its biggest outlet in Asia whose interiors and ambience have been designed around a European theme.

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