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Foreign ministers summit opposes destabilizing behaviour of Russia

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A group of foreign ministers from the Group of Seven industrialized nations were united in opposing Russia’s destabilizing behavior while agreeing to leave the door open for dialogue with Moscow.

According to a senior US official, the ministers, meeting in Toronto for two days, discussed tensions with Moscow, Iran and North Korea, while also addressing political problems in Venezuela and Myanmar.

He further added that the G7 unity on opposing Russia’s malign behavior. There was also openness among G7 members to dialogue with Russia while we hold them accountable for their malign activities and their efforts to destabilize nations.

The ministers were expected to issue a final statement on Monday that would maintain an uncompromising line with Moscow, two sources familiar with discussions said.

According to a source, ‘The language will be tough because of what the Russians have done until now. But it can also be interpreted as leaving the door open’.


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