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February 20 -World Day of Social Justice 2021

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As the name suggests, the World Day of Social Justice is dedicated to the advantages and issues that are tackled by Social Justice. This includes battling for the greater good by fighting poverty, unemployment, upholding human rights and promoting Gender Equality. It talks about equal opportunities to be given in all aspects, especially to those who have been denied basic rights and discriminated against on various accounts. 


The day was declared as the World Day of Social Justice by the UN General Assembly on November 26, 2007. On its 63rd session, it was decided that February 20 will be celebrating social justice, the good it brings about all around the world, and areas that need this more than ever. 


This day’s significance holds true even more this time. The global pandemic, COVID-19, brought the world to a standstill. While the world was grappling with the new reality it posed towards us, several countries’ healthcare systems were at work from treating the affected to scientists coming up with the much-needed vaccine. 

The world was divided into two halves. While one was able to avail of the services, there was a major part that did not have enough resources to get the services they desperately needed. Hence, the significance of social justice becomes all the more important, now when the world is grappling with the new reality. 


This year’s theme is “A call for social justice in the Digital Economy.” With the steady rise in the usage of the internet, the global economy is becoming increasingly dependent on the digital medium. More specifically, due to the COVID-19 lockdown in several countries, people resorted to remote working areas. With the expanding broadband, the internet was consumed all the more from homes around the world. 

However, only the fortunate were able to benefit from this. There are still jobs that are not dependent on the worldwide web. This resulted in a wave of unemployment with people losing the only way to earn their bread. With this theme, the United Nations aims to bring about more equality in this realm and provide people more opportunites. 

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