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Dhanush Howitzers inducted in Indian army

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Adding more fire power to Indian Army, four indigenous ‘Dhanush’ Howitzer guns were inducted to the Indian Army.

The Dhanush guns were added after a ceremony held the Ordnance factory in Jabalpur. According to officials these guns have been tested to withstand extreme conditions like rainfall and snow, and have also been built for use in multiple terrains, from plains, to sand and especially in hilly areas.

According a Defence expert when questioned about the Bofor, he said, ‘It is not fair to compare the ‘Dhanush’ guns to Bofors as the former are far more technologically superior to Bofors due to the modifications made to the barrel to help improve its accuracy’. The Dhanush gun system is based on designs of the Bofors howitzer which was inducted in the Army in 1980s and would be the third type of artillery gun to be inducted into the force after the K-9 Vajra and the M-777 ultra-light howitzers, as per inputs. The 155mm x 45mm calibre artillery gun is capable of firing projectiles at a relatively higher angle with a steep angle of descent.

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