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Delhi’s crime rate soars 99 percent in 2014

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Delhi's crime rate soars 99 percent in 2014Delhi witnessed an alarming increase of 99.22 percent in crime in 2014 over the previous year, but the police chief said this was because his force was now registering every case.

There were 147,230 registered incidents of crime last year, including a 18.3 percent rise in attacks on women. The total crime incidents stood at 73,702 in 2013.

To add to the scenario, only 29.5 percent of the cases were solved.

Delhi Police Commissioner B.s. Bassi said that all types of crimes shot up: murder, rape, molestation, kidnapping, robbery, snatching, dacoity and burglary.

The only dip was in fatal accidents on roads: 1,595 in 2014, the lowest in five years.

“Our men sincerely investigated every case and tried to solve it at the earliest,” Bassi said at the Delhi Police chief’s annual press conference.

With a population of about 17 million, Delhi — which is double the size of Singapore — has a 80,000-strong police force to cater to a city ringed on three sides by Uttar Pradesh and on the fourth by Haryana.

At least 6,180 cases of robbery were reported in 2014, up from 1,106 in 2013.

The number of snatching and dacoity cases was 6,944 and 78 respectively in 2014, up from 3,316 and 31 in 2013.

As many as 55,187 people were arrested for dacoity, robbery, snatching, burglary and vehicle theft as against 46,714 in 2013.

Murders rose from from 486 in 2013 to 561 in 2014. There were 2,069 cases of crime related to women, up from 1,571 in 2013. A total of 4,179 cases of molestation took place in 2014 (3,345 in 2013).

Kidnapping for ransom inched up to at 37 from 28 in 2013. There were 12,276 house thefts, a shocking rise of 327 percent from the 2,870 cases filed in 2013.

A total of 22,223 vehicles were stolen in 2014, compared to 13,895 in 2013.

Delhi witnessed a 18.3 percent rise in crime against women in 2014, with a whooping 31.6 percent rise in rape cases which stood at 2,096.

Bassi said every woman in Delhi must be trained in self-defence.

“We appeal to everyone to join hands with us so that every woman in Delhi gets trained in self defence. I want every woman to have a brown belt in judo,” he said.

Bassi said 87 criminals carrying rewards on their heads were arrested and 23 major gangs busted in 2014.

He said no terror attack took place in the past two years but 13 terrorists, including seven from Indian Mujahideen and three from Lashkar-e-Taiba, were arrested in 2014.

Mobile and computer-based technologies like lost report app, traffic police mobile app, police clearance certificate and Himmat were launched in 2014.

“(These) were launched to make the police more friendly with people,” said Bassi. He also said more apps will be launched to help people avoid going to police stations for small complaints.

Over 3,900 CCTV cameras were installed at 85 locations including border chekposts and courts. Nearly 10,000 cameras were proposed to be installed at 133 locations.

A total of 3,970 senior citizens were registered in 2014.

The number of missing children rose 12.11 percent. A total of 6,227 cases were registered, up from 5,554 in 2013.

Disciplinary and departmental action was taken against 563 police personnel for dereliction in duty.

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