Dalai Lama shares spiritual insights on Sino Indian relations in the ‘Little book of Encouragement’ | Daily Current Affairs 2021
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Dalai Lama shares spiritual insights on Sino Indian relations in the ‘Little book of Encouragement’

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The Dalai Lama while launching the book highlighted that, he is one among more than seven billion human beings who are alive today amid the COVID 19 pandemic. He also highlighted that “We think happiness comes from money and power. But little we know the role of the mind or that the key to happiness is inner peace.” His Holiness has asked the readers to discuss the thoughts from the books with friends and put these thoughts in day-today life practice. He further termed climate change and global warming as very serious issues apart from the COVID 19 pandemic.
Interestingly, the Dalai Lama has written on the Sino – India relations and stated that, both India and China have developed a sense of competition in the recent times. The countries have high population and are powerful nations. Yet, they cannot destroy each other and have to live besides each other. Further, on the Tibet issue he has suggested the Tibetans to consider the Chinese as brothers and sisters than as enemy. He said, “For the time being, there is a problem with our Chinese neighbors, but only with a few individuals in the Communist Party. A number of Chinese leaders now realize that their 70-year-old policy regarding Tibet is unrealistic.”
On the other hand, he has also praised India’s rich civilizational heritage, saying it is “rooted in the long-standing traditions of ‘Karuna and Ahimsa’ (compassion and non-violence). I believe India is the only country with the potential to combine its ancient knowledge with its modern education. We must, therefore, endeavor to integrate India’s ancient wisdom with contemporary approaches to schooling, with the aim of promoting positive human values”.

His Holiness has also revealed that his death may well mark the “end of the great tradition of Dalai Lamas”; the word means ‘great leader’ in Tibetan. He said, “It may end with this great Lama. The Himalayan Buddhists of Tibet and Mongolia will decide what happens next. They will determine whether the 14th Dalai Lama has been reincarnated in another tulku.” He added that “What my followers decide is not an issue for me; I have no interest. My only hope is that when my last days come, I will still have my good name and will feel that I have made some contribution to humanity.”

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