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Chinese scientists successfully clone monkeys

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Chinese scientists have cloned monkeys making the first primates to be cloned.
According to an official sources, monkeys which were named, Zhong Zhong and Hua Hua, two identical long-tailed macaques, were born eight and six weeks ago, making them the first primates.
Explaining the research, Muming Poo who helped supervised the program said, ‘Humans are primates. So (for) the cloning of primate species, including humans, the technical barrier is now broken. We broke this barrier is to produce animal models that are useful for medicine, for human health. There is no intention to apply this method to humans.’
Genetically identical animals are useful in research because confounding factors caused by genetic variability in non-cloned animals can complicate experiments. They could be used to test new drugs for a range of diseases before clinical use.
Researchers are closed observing the two newborns are now being bottle fed and are growing normally. They further said that more macaque clones to be born over the coming months.

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