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Bamboo rice harvested in Odisha

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After four decades, Odisha unique bamboo rice is harvested.

Odisha is among the states known for a wide variety of rice, the staple food of eastern and north-eastern India and beyond. But this variety can be called unique even by Odisha’s standards — the bamboo rice, which grows only twice or thrice in a century. The rare rice grows out of a dying bamboo shoot, it is being harvested now.

The forest dwellers were permited after the wild life authorities of Chandaka-Dampara Wildlife Sanctuary in Cuttack district felt after the threat of rats.

Sangram Mohanty, forest range officer said, ‘Whenever bamboo blossoms, the rat population increases. To prevent rats from running the rice, we allow local villagers and forest dwellers to collect bamboo rice. Also, the rice then becomes a major source of income and food for villagers living near the forest.

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