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Bad loans rise to 47 Percent in two years

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A weak job market and willful default and weak job market have till the hit the education loan portfolio of state-run banks. These resulted in the increase of non-performing assets by around 47% between March 2015 and last March,
According to the data shared in the Indian Parliament, bad debt rose up from Rs 3,536 crore at the end of March 2015 to Rs 5,192 crore on March 31, 2017. The surge took place in 2015-16, with the pace slowing down during the last financial year.

The problem is so acute for at least five lenders that the stock of bad loans has more than doubled, with UCO Bank and Indian Bank leading the pack. At the same time, the increase in loan flow has also been less than 10% during this two-year period.

But what is even worse is that there was only 3.4% rise during 2016-17, on the back of a 5.6% growth in the previous year, indicating that either demand was tepid or banks were reluctant to lend. Bankers, however, said that they had not gone slow on education loans.

They said that defaults were rising as several students had not found good jobs, especially when it came to those who pursued MBAs or engineering degrees.

However, there are cases where even students from good colleges who were employed by leading companies are refusing to pay.

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