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Astronomers find Sun like stars consuming its own planets

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Astronomers from Princeton University has found that a Sun-like star lurking around 350 light-years away consumed the rocky equivalent of 15 Earths.
Named as Kronos after the child-eating Titan of Greek mythology, the star is the clearest and most dramatic case yet of a Sun-like star consuming its own planets. Mentioning about the such star, Semyeong Oh, astrophysicist at Princeton University in New Jersey and lead author of the study, said, ‘Even if our Sun ate the entire inner solar system, it wouldn’t come close to the anomaly we see in this star,
Though the research did not begin as a hunt for a planet-eater. Oh was analysing a catalog of new star data collected by the European Space Agency’s Gaia spacecraft for pairs of stars with similar speeds and trajectories. Such duos are typically twin stars that formed close together from the same ingredients.

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