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700 year old Hero Stone found in Tirrupur

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Archaeological team members, S. Ravikumar, S. Sadhasivam, K. Ponnusamy and C.M. Rameshkumar of the Virajendran Archaeological and Historical Research Centre have unearthed rare stone which is 145cm in height and 85cm in breadth. The stone depicts the hero carrying a bow on his left shoulder. By his side, a woman is seen in a worshiping posture, suggesting that she might have been saved by the hero during a battle. The hero and the woman have ornaments on their necks and ears, with him additionally wearing anklets that is said to indicate bravery. Both of them seem to be wearing decorated dresses. A child is also seen standing beside the woman.

Mr. Ravikumar, director of the research team, said that the parameters of the hero stone helped in identifying that it was from the 14th century and that there was no inspcriptions present on the tone.

A hero stone is a memorial paying tribute to a hero. Usually, such stones are erected in the memory of local chieftains, who contribute to the welfare of or sacrifice their life for the village or community. It is very rare in Tamil Nadu to find stones depicting a hero holding the head of his rival. Few years back, a similiar memorial was discovered in Krishnagiri.

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