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3 June: World Bicycle Day

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United Nations celebrates World Bicycle Day on 3rd June every year.


  • World Bicycle Day is observed to advance the use of the bicycle as a means of fostering sustainable development and also as cycling has tremendous health benefits for all age groups, according to experts.
  • The day aims to strengthen education for children and young people, preventing disease, promoting health, promoting tolerance, mutual understanding and respect and facilitating social inclusion and a culture of peace.
  • It also aims to promote the bicycle among all members of society.
  • It is observed every year to encourage member nations to give particular attention to the bicycle in cross-cutting development strategies and to improve road safety and integrate it into sustainable mobility and transport infrastructure planning and design.


  • The United Nations General Assembly declared June 3 every year as World Bicycle Day in April 2018. Leszek Sibilski’s crusade and the support of Turkmenistan and 56 other countries to recognize World Bicycle Day resulted in the creation of the Day. Numerous activities are held across the world on this day, including at UCI’s own World Cycling Centre (WCC) in Aigle.

Benefits of Bicycling:

  • Bicycling is a simple, reliable, and environmentally beneficial way of transportation.
  • Bikes are free to ride and a stress-free mode of travel.
  • The bicycle can serve as a tool for personal development as well as a means of gaining access to education, health care, and sports.
  • The bicycle is a symbol of environmentally friendly transportation that also saves money on gas.
  • Bicycling contributes to the mitigation of carbon dioxide emissions as it possesses an intrinsic zero-emission value.

Interesting facts about the bicycles:

  • The concept of the bicycle was laid down by Karl Drais in 1818.
  • But this bicycle was quite heavy.
  • In the year 1839, Kirkpatrick Macmillan, a blacksmith by profession, introduced the pedals and the bicycle got its first and most important feature.
  • In 1866, the first American patent application was filed by Pierre Lallement for the pedal bicycle.
  • Harry Lawson and English engineer designed the Safety Bicycle in 1876.
  • Since then, this is the most common bicycle option available.

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