Relax age, attempts for UPSC Civil Services Exams: Demand Aspirants, Seek Sonia Gandhi’s Intervention

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Relax age, attempts for UPSC Civil Services ExamsIt was initially in 1989 that a protest by UPSC civil services aspirants staging a sit-in at the then newly elected Prime Minister V.P. Singh’s residence throughout the night despite a heavy rain that moved the mandarins to relent age bar and give one more chance to many.

This time, almost 25 years later, more than 500 young protesters staged a protest in front of UPA leader Sonia Gandhi’s residence at 10, Janapath in New Delhi on Monday seeking no restriction on the number of attempts for appearing in civil services examination and age relaxation to appear for Civil Services, mainly the IAS exams.

The candidates sought political intervention in the affairs of an otherwise independent body, the Union Public Services Commission (UPSC), that conducts the UPSC Prelims and Mains before interviewing the successful candidates for the country’s top government posts. The candidates this time demanded that rather than restoring the changes in the exam pattern, UPSC should also increase the age limit for the candidates.

They said that the students from rural India without English education would benefit with the relaxation before the changes take off. Their next sit-in will be in front of Rahul Gandhi’s residence, said some aspirants.

(Source MF Monitor Oct 7 2013)


  1. Gaurav kumar says:

    This is great… It should be done…

  2. amarjit singh says:

    I think the UPSC decision on age relaxation in following manner:
    General- 7 attempts
    age – 35 yrs.

  3. Thanks for sharing such a useful information and good to hear the updated information.keep moving forward had good work

  4. ashish kumar singh says:

    its will be milestone for youth future. Age limits and chances should follow UPPSC guide line.

  5. Absolutely UPSC must increase the age limit with immediate effect. DOPT must immediately intervene into the matter…


    yes it should be done before starting PARLIAMENT WINTER SESSION which is scheduled to begine on 5 20th of December 2013. this is the last and most appropriate Time to keep down pressure on Cogress party because the central made by congress right now.and our demand can be filled up by only and only congress party right a AGITATION BEFORE SONIA GANDHI’S RESIDENCE AND RAHUL GANDHI’S RESIDENCE will be a very-c fruitable step towards our demand.and also there will be no need to calk up MEDIA.Media will sure come to cover the agitation.due to the Residence of Sonia+Rahul gandhi.because it will be a great Coverage for our media person.on the other hand after the declaration of delhi election on 8 dec.if congress doesn’t gain majority as we will also create a huge pressure on sonia gandhi+Rahul gandhi.for this we all have to also support directly or indirectly to AAP party after delhi election result we all can also approch to ARVIND JEE TO SUPPORT YOUR will be a good dear ,RESULT OF ON GOING 5 STATF ELECTION will ALSO play a very crusial rOLE for our movement/ it is the golden opportunity/Time for us to fight 4 yourRIGHT. I m associated with this movement.and i also request to join this movement.My dear ETIHAS GWAH HAI KI KOE V HAK BINA LADE MILTA NAHI HAI. or upsc aur Govt. Se ladkar agar hmara+parents ka IAS/IPS/IFS/ÌRS……. Ka sapna pura hota mere lia yehi sahi hai.Ab tak hm logo ne 5-6 padhe.ab hm apna hak k lia lad kr andolan se kisi nuksan katae nhi h.balki age+Attempt milne se sabko fayda hoga chahe jo v category

  7. a very good decesion for increase in age relaxation i am not only happy like me so many will be happy to take prepare once again i request to all the aspirants to protest once again to hike the age relaxation in new pattern i to willparticapate in protest if u give information regarding the protest . thank u i wish u all the best.

  8. thanks to those who protested earlier it will be a great opportunity to those who lost some of their attempts in previous pattern,to provide equality of opportunity govt should kindly consider the aspirants demand of increasing no. of attempts nd age relaxation. so frends plz come forward to fight until we achieve it

  9. plz join our movement against changes, go to FB page upsc collective fight for our leagal righ and 2. Fress attempt fighter groups

  10. I think it shouldn’t be increased. Although it is my last attempt this but I won’t support. Students are wasting there precious year in preparing for the exams. Some even start with age 21, take some arbit long distance course and stay in delhi till age 30. It’s wasting of talent.

    Students preparing for IAS after exhausting all the attempts start the coaching institude or start teaching in some other. All know what coaching do, they fool the students and rob them from money. UPSC wants to discourage the coaching and to promote studying in one’s respective hometown.

    I really don’t understand how come students preparing for UPSC ask for such favour. If they have studied well, they must be knowing the criticality and requirements of exam.

    I think UPSC should reduce the age and make only 3-4 attempts after completion of degree. This would save the future of students.

    Similar thing was adapted by IIT, only two attempts one with 12th and one after that. You can’t even take two drops. That’s good for students.

  11. Panneerselvam Posangu says:

    It will be very much welcomed if government agrees to age relaxation.

  12. Soaham Mondal says:

    It should be 35 at least,

  13. good job guys in this country all support to you

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