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IIT-Kanpur student wins James Dyson Award

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IIT-Kanpur student wins James Dyson Award
A simple and affordable patient transfer system developed by IIT Kanpur student Asish Mohandas has won the James Dyson Award recently.
Speaking about the system, Asish Mohandas said, ‘After surveying various hospitals, I found most of them lacked effective stretcher to transfer patient without any pain or discomfort. So, I designed the system to put an end to the issue. Besides, not only ensuring transfers, comfortable, but also avoidthe problem of spine disorders while shifting’.
Titled as ‘MAATTAM’, the system works like a treadmill. It contains a moving platform connected to a wide conveyor fabric belt and rollers on both the sides. The entire system can be fitted to any wheeled stretcher and can be transformed into the stretcher.
Designed as the final year degree project, Asish Mohandas has also applied his innovation to the prestigious ‘International Winner Award’ which award prize money of 30,000 pounds. The announcements for the winner and finalists will be made on October 26 !

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