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English comprehension skills marks not to be counted ; Exams as Scheduled

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Government says no more changes to UPSC exam

Government says no more changes to UPSC exam

After a lot of agitations from students and political hullabulla, the government has said that the marks in English language comprehension skills in the civil service exam aptitude test would not be included in preparing the merit list. The government claimed that they have now made the exams “language neutral”. It also announced that candidates who appeared in Civil Services Examination 2011 may be allowed one more attempt in 2015.

The students who have been protesting said their demands of scrapping CSAT exam, which was introduced in 2011, and postponing the Aug 24 preliminary exam remain unfulfilled. Some other aspirants expressed unhappiness over the government allowing another attempt in 2015 only to those candidates who wrote the exam in 2011.Yet others claim that though CSAT is called an aptitude test, there are only six aptitude questions in it and the maximum questions are from mathematics and reasoning. So that puts students with non-science background at a disadvantage.

So now, the civil services examination will be held as per schedule and the UPSC, which conducts the test, will incorporate all the changes announced by the government in Parliament.

The UPSC has started issuing admit cards to the candidates for the August 24 preliminary exam.

There are two compulsory papers of 200 marks each in the civil services preliminary examination – General Studies I and General Studies II. General Studies II is widely known as CSAT.

The General Studies II (CSAT) paper carries questions on comprehension, interpersonal skills including communication skills, logical reasoning and analytical ability, decision-making and problem- solving, general mental ability, basic numeracy, and English language comprehension skills of Class 10 level.

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