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First ever satellite launched to clean up space junk

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Aiming to check and offer possible solution to cleanup space junk, a satellite was deployed by the International Space Station and would soon begin experiments in orbit.
According to an official source, RemoveDEBRIS, built by Britian is one of the world’s first attempts to tackle the build-up of dangerous space debris orbiting the Earth. Weighing 100-kg RemoveDebris spacecraft will attempt to capture simulated space debris using a net and a harpoon while also testing advanced cameras and radar systems. The experiment is important as there are thousands of pieces of space debris circulating the planet, many travelling faster than a speeding bullet, posing a risk to valuable satellites and even the International Space Station itself. Once the experiments are complete, it will unfurl a drag sail to bring itself and the debris out of orbit, where it will burn up as it enters the earth’s atmosphere.
The RemoveDEBRIS mission is led by the varsity and built by the world’s leading small satellite manufacturer Surrey Satellite Technology Limited (SSTL), with technology on board designed by Airbus.

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